Drupal Commerce Features Overview

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Build on a single platform that combines content, product, and order management. Activate multi-everything... sites, languages, currencies, checkout flows, customer types, and more!

Customer experience

Drupal is regularly selected to build ambitious digital experiences. Drupal Commerce takes full advantage of this to help you craft your ideal customer experience.

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Implement your design

Build from scratch, incorporate a framework like Bootstrap, or customize a pre-made theme.

Layout builder

Create media rich landing pages and complex product layouts through an intuitive user interface with Drupal’s Layout Builder.

Mobile optimization

Define breakpoints in code and leverage core Drupal features to adapt your content, present mobile navigation, and maintain form accessibility.

Change management

Stage and deploy theme changes alongside the code based configuration files that theme updates target.

Theme customization

Apply your own styles or customize what’s already there. Drupal smartly aggregates and links CSS and JS from relevant pages.

Headless commerce

Whether you launch with a Drupal theme or start from scratch on a JavaScript framework, the platform equips you to develop headless commerce applications.

Progressive decoupling

Replace targeted elements of a page with JavaScript to fine-tune the customer experience or improve performance, serving the rest of the page from cache.

Robust JSON:API support

The Commerce API extends Drupal core’s JSON:API implementation to give you full control over your store’s REST API.

Fully managed solutions

Get Drupal Commerce fully managed by Centarro as your headless commerce backend. We maintain the API so you can stay focused on the storefront.

Audience engagement

Drupal includes all of the tools you expect of a modern CMS to expand and engage your audience.

Landing pages

Build any number of targeted landing pages advertising your company, products, and services to optimize inbound traffic.


When you write great content, make sure it shines! Fine tune your meta tags, social media cards, and URLs for maximum SEO.

Performance tuning

Don’t lose sales to a slow site! Advanced caching, database optimization, and purpose built hosting shrink your time to first contentful paint and enhance every interaction.

Personalized promotions

Use what you know about visitors, including their acquisition and engagement history, to present the right promotion at the right time.

Product recommendations

Show the most relevant products based on the landing page, inbound source, or upsell associations to maximize every sale.

Faceted search

Build rich search interfaces with unlimited facets, filters, sorts, and keyword optimization to guide customers to the exact products they are trying to find.

Pricing and promotions

Drupal Commerce layers multiple systems of price resolution, calculation, and refreshing to give you unparalleled control over your pricing.

Pricing and Promotions

Price selection

Out of the box features let you start selecting the right price based on the product and customer.

Per variation pricing

Every product includes one or more variations, each with their own list price, sell price, and optional static price per currency.

Quantity based pricing

Facilitate special pricing based on the quantity purchased through price lists, quantity based promotions, or per product price tables.

Role based pricing

Apply discounts by role or combine roles with price lists to offer custom discounts for any subset of your product catalog to specific customers.

Custom extensions

Extend the pricing system with custom code to define new pricing conditions, alter price list applicability, extend offer types, and further process orders.

Promotion engine

Drupal Commerce includes a robust promotion engine that gives merchants fine-grained control over promotion definition, availability, and compatibility.

Fixed or percentage discounts

Discount individual products or entire orders based on properties of the products, the customer account, the current date, and more.

Discounted shipping

Extend discounts to specific shipping methods, optionally combining shipping discounts with other product discounts.

Buy X, Get Y

Implement classic BOGOs or any variation of “buy this, get that” for free or at a reduced price, with automatic add to cart to simplify upsells.

Coupon management

Create static coupons, bulk generate coupons, or restrict the number of times a coupon can be redeemed to facilitate both online and offline promotions.

Limited availability

Limit the use of promotions across the site as a whole, per customer, or to a specific date range or store. Know how much your campaign will cost in advance.

Optional stacking

Promotions apply in a sort order you specify, each one determining whether or not it can stack with other promotions or others can stack with it.

International sales

Developed in a global open source community, Drupal Commerce powers international and cross-border commerce like no other platform.

International sales


Drupal itself has long prioritized localization, and Drupal Commerce extends that trend to every part of the eCommerce transaction.


Whether you use separate domains per market or brand, Drupal Commerce can map any number of domains to any store configuration.


Each domain features a default language and supports any number of additional languages, with translation support for both content and interface text.

Address formats

Using industry standard data sets Drupal Commerce supports address entry, validation, and presentation in local formats and character sets for every country in the world.


Incorporating the CLDR data set Drupal Commerce supports every currency in the world, including localized formatting, with integrations to currency conversion APIs.

Global solutions

It’s not just enough to look good in every country. You have to be able to operate in any country to close the sale.

Global payments

Choose one of dozens of payment integrations to offer local payment methods in local presentment and settlement currencies worldwide.

Fulfilment providers

Quote shipping rates with one of numerous carrier rating API integrations, and work with fulfillment providers like ShipStation to manage global fulfillment.

Tax calculation

Native support for VAT combined with integrations for sales tax, duties, and other fees ensure you collect and remit the right tax in any relevant jurisdiction.

Hosting and support

Choose a Drupal optimized hosting platform with data centers worldwide to meet even the most stringent data sovereignty, privacy, and performance requirements.

Omni-channel commerce

Drupal Commerce facilitates both online and offline sales in a single platform, meeting the needs of B2C and B2B sellers through unique segmentation and access rules.

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Digital and physical

Use the platform to segment your customer base and present each one a tailor made user experience.

Store definition

Support multi-store use cases out of the box based on retail locations, sales markets, brands, or domains. Resolving a store filters products and informs pricing and payment.

POS integration

Use off the shelf POS features, design a custom POS interface, or integrate a POS to correlate products and sales to retail locations and sales stations.

Social engagement

Go where your customers are with feeds to surface your products as ads on search and social media applications, using custom cart links to send shoppers straight to checkout.


Drupal Commerce offers a full suite of B2B features that can be used to build a standalone B2B portal or incorporated side-by-side in a B2C site.

Customer groups

Segment customers by user role and organize them into groups that share addresses, payment methods, and order histories amongst multiple people at a customer account. 

Price lists

Define discount levels for customer accounts or create price lists available to any user of the account to access special pricing.

Bulk pricing

Use price lists for quantity based discounts to reward repeat purchasers, or design a custom form interface specifically for bulk purchasing.

Purchase orders

Allow customers to pay by PO when individual users or customer accounts are granted the ability to pay on terms.

Punch out catalogs

Feed some or all of your products with customer specific pricing into the customer’s purchasing system, using cart links to facilitate buying from third party listings.

Quote preparation

Let customers build carts or wish lists that are turned into quotes, allowing any customer representative to send an order to a purchasing manager to complete.

B2B payment

Integrate one of numerous payment APIs that facilitate credit card payment or bank transfers. Track usage of your platform and send a consolidated invoice each month.

Robust product model

Selling highly technical products with many relevant data points for selecting the right product? Drupal supports unlimited fields in all user interfaces and catalog exports.

Enterprise search

Utilize any number of facets, filters, or sorts paired with advanced keyword search and custom results ordering through Elastic Enterprise Search.

Feature rich platform

Commerce Core provides the framework for everything else. Add configuration and custom code on top, then build and deploy as you go.



Experience the benefits of a full-featured CMS applied to defining and enriching your product display pages in high resolution detail.

Product types

Define as many product types as you need based on their unique properties or connection to features like licenses, subscriptions, and more.

Unlimited attributes

Differentiate variations on any product with as many attributes as you need, presented in traditional form elements or custom renderings on the Add to Cart form for selection.

Catalog navigation

Use Drupal’s taxonomy system to apply term based navigation and filtering to your catalog.


Completely own the data model for orders, order items, profiles, and payments. No bolt-on solutions required to achieve a specific order management goal.

Order types

Enrich your order types with custom fields that can be managed by administrators, filled in during checkout, and included in receipts and invoices.

Cart preparation

Administrators can prepare carts on behalf of customers, including full “masquerade” capability as the customer, before emailing a checkout link to the customer to complete.

Activity stream

See all customer and administrator related activity on an order’s activity stream. Communicate through order comments, enriching the audit trail for changes.


The customer self-service portal allows them to manage their data and track fulfillment on their own, reducing customer service calls.

Order history

Customize the order history pages, including PDF receipt printing and reordering.

Address book

Customers can input and manage any number of addresses in an address book that is integrated to both checkout and the order management interface.

Payment methods

Securely stored payment method tokens for credit card and other payment instruments can be updated and reused in checkout.

Digital goods

Drupal Commerce absolutely shines when your content is your product.

Premium content

Restrict access to premium content via Drupal’s private file system and access control systems, granting customers a la carte or subscription based access.

File downloads

Distribute private file downloads through license enabled products, serving files from Drupal’s own file system or Amazon S3.

Subscription billing

The recurring module suite supports prepaid, post-paid, and metered usage subscriptions on a schedule you can configure per product variation.


Define shipping rates or integrate carrier APIs to collect the right amount in checkout.

Flat rate shipping

For limited use cases, define free or fixed shipping rates to be activated via promotion or selected by customers during checkout.

Carrier integration

Integrate UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others through purpose built carrier integration modules or third party solutions like ShipStation.

Fulfillment workflows

Define custom workflows for orders and shipments, ensuring the order management interface matches your real world fulfillment process.


Centarro maintains certified integrations into key services, and our open source community maintains many more in our public module directory.


Technology partners

Select technology partners review and certify our integrations with them and invest in the success of Drupal Commerce with us.


Centarro maintains key integrations with PayPal + Braintree, Authorize.Net, and Stripe in addition to the 100+ modules in our directory.


Build a native search solution in Drupal itself or integrate Elastic Enterprise Search through Centarro’s connector to unlock your search potential.


Enhance your store with fraud prevention tools like Signifyd or those offered by payment gateways themselves to stop fraud in its tracks.


Embrace software like ShipStation to reduce shipping costs for your customers and streamline your fulfilment process.


Simplify sales tax compliance with AvaTax and other products offered by Avalara.


Need more? The Drupal ecosystem contains thousands of modules that enhance the functionality of your store.

Certified projects

Centarro maintains a list of certified projects that are guaranteed to work together and receive support alongside Commerce Core itself.

Community contributions

Thousands of developers contribute to a wide variety of modules that enhance your store across virtually every feature category.

Custom modules

Can’t find what you need in the module directory? Drupal’s open APIs, documentation, and training courses will get you started writing custom modules in no time.

Drupal ecosystem

Tap into the broader Drupal ecosystem to turbocharge your store.

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Reliability & security

Following best practices, top Drupal Commerce merchants sell $100m+ / year with thousands of peak concurrent orders.

Enterprise track record

Drupal features dozens of enterprise case studies, helping the world’s leading brands, governments, universities, and other institutions deliver ambitious digital experiences.

Innovative Platforms-as-a-Service

Choose from a selection of world class Drupal PaaS providers to host your store in an optimal environment.

Industry leading security

Drupal’s security team sets the standard for open source security and responsible disclosure. Centarro’s support plans ensure you remain up to date on supported software.

Disaster recovery

Drupal hosting providers include backup and recovery by default, or you can install the Backup & Migrate module to manage your own.

Development & support

Need help getting more out of your store? Centarro is here to help.

Documentation & training

Through community documentation, tailored training seminars, and development coaching, Centarro aims to see every team succeed with Drupal Commerce best practices.

Forums & live chat

Find free community support moderated by Centarro and other project maintainers in the Drupal Answers forum and the #commerce channel in Drupal Slack.

Supporting agencies

Work directly with Centarro, creators and maintainers of Drupal Commerce, or find an agency close to home through Drupal’s extensive service marketplace.

Global community

Join a global community of open source eCommerce enthusiasts. Gather with us at DrupalCons and Drupal Camps around the world to share, learn, and grow.