Accept payments anytime, anywhere.

Since 1996 Authorize.Net has been one of the leading payment gateways with over 445,000 merchants handling over $145 billion in transactions annually. Feature rich, Authorize.Net lets you accept payments anytime, anywhere.

With the ability to accept mobile payments, eChecks, credit card, and subscription-based billing, Authorize.Net provides the features you need to support a modern checkout experience on your ecommerce sites. Backed by Visa, Authorize.Net is focused on streamlining the payments process and optimizing your cashflow so that you can focus your time on growing your business.

A modern payment solution for your site

Authorize.Net provides low friction payment processing for your customers, whether you need to take payments via eCommerce checkout, have a POS, or need to manually process transactions through a terminal. Backed by Visa, Authorize.Net is built with security at the forefront. Authorize.Net features:

  • Fraud protection for every account - Advanced fraud protection is not an afterthought; every plan benefits from Authorize.Net's fraud protection suite.
  • Automatic card updates - Monthly card updates to keep card information current for vaulted customer profiles means fewer declined payments.
  • Reduced fees with eCheck - Offer eCheck payment options to your customers and reduce your recurring payment fees. eChecks significantly reduce your per-transaction payment fees and are a particularly good fit for large and recurring transactions.
  • PCI DSS compliance - With tokenized storing of sensitive payment information, Authorize.Net does the heavy lifting of storing and managing payment information, reducing your PCI DSS responsibilities.
  • Flexible plan options - Authorize.Net can serve as an all-in-one solution, handling the merchant account and payment gateway. Alternatively, you can utilize Authorize.Net's payment gateway services if you have a merchant account through another provider.

Authorize.Net integration features

The Commerce Authorize.Net module integrates your Drupal Commerce store with the Authorize.Net payment gateway. The module lets you configure a number of different payment plugins so that you can accept credit cards, eChecks, and Visa Checkout. Features include:

  • Customizable gateway display - choose whether to allow all users to use a payment plugin or limit the payment methods available to a specific subset of your customers.
  • Accept eChecks right in checkout - let your customers pay securely via eCheck.
  • Security first approach with tokenized payment information - the integration enables credit card vaulting for subsequent reuse via card tokenization. Let your customers save their payment methods for faster checkout.

See it in our demo store

Want to see Authorize.Net in action? Give it a test run in our Authorize.Net Drupal Commerce demo store! When you are ready to get started, signup for an account at Authorize.Net.

Need help figuring out if Authorize.Net is right for you? Get in touch with Centarro, the team behind Drupal Commerce. We would love to partner with you and help you figure out what the best solution would be for your unique business case.