Avalara AvaTax

Tax automation that simplifies compliance.

Avalara is the trusted name in tax calculation and remittance. Find out why over 30,000 merchants across 95 countries entrust Avalara to automate their tax and VAT collection and remittance liability. With solutions for Fortune 500 companies down to small businesses, Avalara takes the headache out of staying on top of the ever-changing tax landscape.

Avalara is one of the few SST certified SaaS vendors, offering built in connectors to your eCommerce platform, ERP, and point of sale systems. They stay on top of the tax laws so you don't have to. With proactive monitoring of where orders are being shipped, Avalara can alert you to upcoming tax thresholds and changes in state and country tax laws.

Take the headache out of taxes

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Dakota v. Wayfair opened the door to more tax obligations for sellers — and making sure you are charging the right tax rate in every state is hard. Avalara AvaTax helps by sending real-time sales tax calculations to your shopping cart, ERP, and point of sale systems.

Calculate sales and use tax, VAT, and GST across industries, borders, and tax types. Make sure addresses are correct and maintain tax compliance with the benefit of ensuring products will ship to a valid address with Avalara Address Validation, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance data accuracy and efficiency in address management for your business.

Platform highlights:

  • Real-time sales tax and VAT calculation - ensure you are collecting the right amount of tax for each jurisdiction during the checkout process and avoid any liabilities for accidental over or under charging.
  • Simplify tax exemption - let customers who are tax exempt checkout without incurring a tax burden. Avalara can simplify the process of requesting, collecting, and storing tax exemption certificates for your records, helping you comply with tax laws.
  • Automated tax remittance - Avalara reduces your paperwork by preparing tax remittance reports for all of your jurisdictional tax liabilities. Avalara can also fully automate the process and submit payment on your behalf to the relevant taxing authorities. 
  • SST certified - As an SST certified platform you can enjoy the benefits of Avalara at little to no cost to you for states that participate in the SST program.
  • One system, worldwide tax solution - with the ability to calculate U.S. sales and use tax as well as global VAT rates, harmonize tariff codes, calculate custom and duty fees, and manage import restrictions, Avalara is a single portal for worldwide tax compliance.

Tax compliance without the cost

As part of the SST program states will cover most or all of the platform fees merchants typically incur for many tax compliance services, including:

  • Sales tax registration
  • Tax calculation
  • Exemption certificate processing
  • Sales tax return preparation, filing, and remittance

Stay compliant in over 25 states with one tax registration number. Avalara will help you evaluate the SST program to see if it is a good fit for your business and will help you get setup if you decide to proceed.

AvaTax integration features

This module has been certified by Avalara for both address validation and sales tax calculation via the AvaTax REST API v2. Once the order has a shipping address, the order, customer, and product details are used to request and apply all applicable taxes to the order for any state or locality in the U.S. where a merchant has nexus.

Integration features include:

  • Tax calculation - Use Avalara to calculate the tax liability for an order directly in checkout. With the ability to set tax codes at the product variation level you can take advantage of specific tax rates for different product segments and then display the total tax liability right in checkout.
  • Address validation - Accurate tax calculation relies on an accurate destination address. Ensure that customers enter a correct address with Avalara's address validation service. Provide a corrected address suggestion right in checkout for addresses that do not validate.
  • Handle tax exemptions out of the box - Our integration module adds several fields to user accounts, letting you set tax exemptions for specific customers. AvaTax will take these exemptions into account when calculating and returning the tax liability on an order.
  • Commit tax documents for remittance Upon checkout completion, the module will record the transaction as a SalesInvoice document in AvaTax unless you have disabled document committing. This is useful if another system such as an ERP will be responsible for committing the final tax documents.

Avalara offers other services through its administrative interface, including automated filing, remittance, and exemption certificate management. Using the Drupal Commerce Connector for AvaTax ensures you send all the information they need to give you full sales tax automation, boosting business productivity while minimizing audit risk.

Try it out with a free trial

Ready to give it a try? Avalara offers a free trial for Drupal Commerce merchants. Aren't sure if you need such a robust solution? Check out their free tax liability assessment to see how Avalara might simplify your tax compliance.