page builder

Build Content Rich Pages with Layout Builder

Create rich media experiences and complex layouts all through an intuitive interface.

grid layout

Uses a Familiar Grid Layout

Take full control over the content of your page by enabling layout builder on all content types or specific types. Layout builder uses a familiar row / column grid layout paradigm allowing you to have full control over the look and feel of the page. Fine tune control by choosing how widgets display on desktop, tablet, mobile or at custom breakpoints.

Configure the style of blocks

Full Control Over Styling

Configure not only the content of the block being added but also the style. You can enable specific styles for blocks that marketers can choose from when adding a block to a page. Styles can be applied to rows or content blocks letting you create complex, media rich layouts such as full width sliders, product carousels, hero images, and more. Layout builder provides business users with incredible flexibility out of the box. No coding required!

Choose who can do what in layout builder with powerful permissions

Customize Access by User Role

With Drupal you don’t have to sacrifice marketing features, security, or functionality. With Layout Builder you now have access to a powerful visual layout toolset while also being able to fine tune permissions to specific user roles. Give Marketers the ability to edit only certain zones on a page while giving Marketing Admins the ability to have full control over the page. Layout builder utilizes Drupal's powerful permissions framework to let you customize access to your specific needs. In addition, you can configure what blocks and options are available to specific roles so that you can ensure that components work well together.

save time with saved layouts and template libraries

Save Time with a Template Library

Create and save custom blocks and layouts for reuse on additional pages and make marketing campaigns a breeze! The block and layout libraries can be used to speed up the content creation process when the same content or layout needs to be applied to multiple pages.


Expert Help is Just a Click Away.

We can help make sure you are getting the most out of the layout builder suite, customize permissions to your needs, and even develop custom widgets for your unique business requirements. Contact us today to get started.