Financial infrastructure for the internet.

Stripe is a leading payments provider, offering financial services for millions of companies of all sizes. With support for over 100 payment methods and more than 135 currencies, Stripe is designed to handle the complexities of international commerce. Features like connected accounts, phased billing, automatic invoicing, revenue recognition, tier-based subscription pricing, and customer management give you the tools you need to grow and automate your business. 

Stripe features

Stripe's feature set is expansive and puts you in the driver seat to manage your business and financials in one platform. Features include:

  • Multi-party payments and payouts - Provide a unified checkout experience to your customers while seamlessly handling contracted revenue sharing agreements with Stripe Connect. Perfect for marketplaces and unified checkouts, Stripe Connect provides flexibility for structuring revenue share agreements and processing payouts.
  • Built for revenue generation - Stripe puts you in control of your revenue. With support for usage based, tiered, subscription, and sales-negotiated contracts you have the flexibility you need to setup recurring revenue in way that makes sense for your business.
  • Recapture lost revenue - Drastically reduce failed payments with custom retry schedules and auto account updating.
  • Global commerce ready - With support for over 135 currencies you can display prices in your customer's currency and automatically convert to the currency of your choice behind the scenes.
  • Expansive payment options - With support for over 100 payment methods you can configure which methods to display to end users and let Stripe determine which are most relevant for a user's checkout session. Intelligently display the option for digital wallets, credit and debit cards, ACH, and more.
  • Loved by developers and business users alike - Built for integrations with a full set of API and developer documentation you can further integrate Stripe into your business where it makes sense.

Stripe integration features

Commerce Stripe integrates your Drupal Commerce store with Stripe, letting you harness the power of the Stripe Payment platform right within your store's checkout workflow. Stripe supports many payment method types, including credit card, mobile wallets (e.g., Apple Pay), bank transfers, and more. Features include:

  • Embed Stripe's Payment Element - Through the Payment Element you can offer a variety of payment methods to your customers directly in checkout.
  • Customizable gateway display - Choose whether to allow all customers to use a payment method or limit certain methods to a subset of your customers.
  • Customizable look and feel - Choose how to display payment options to match your theme and branding.
  • Setup recurring payments - Choose whether or not payment methods should be saved to process recurring payments or used for only the current session.
  • Fraud protection - Built in support for advanced fraud detection, Strong Customer Authentication (e.g., 3D Secure), and secure tokenization.

Stripe Payment Element

Through the Payment Element you have access to over 40 different payment methods right in your Drupal Commerce checkout form through a single integration. Stripe will intelligently display available payment methods, validate their input, and handle errors within one embedded UI.

See it in our demo store

Want to see Stripe in action? Give it a test run in our Stripe Drupal Commerce demo store! When you are ready to get started, signup for an account at Stripe.

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