We protect shopper journeys globally.

Signifyd is one of the most trusted names in fraud protection, used by thousands of eCommerce stores from big name retailers like Walmart and Samsung to small and midsize specialty shops. Signifyd provides a financial guarantee, taking on the financial responsibility for any fraudulent orders they approved.

With 98% of all transactions submitted to Signifyd coming from shoppers they have previously seen, Signifyd is able to approve more transactions than other fraud protection tools resulting in a 5-9% lift in shipped orders all backed by Signifyd's fraud protection guarantee. Restore trust in your customers and sell with confidence.

Sell more with confidence

Signifyd provides eCommerce protection that recognizes the identity and intent behind every payment, restoring mutual trust between merchants and their customers. Signifyd is a leader in loss prevention, combating fraudulent transactions and return policy abuse. The company even takes on the time-consuming task of manual transaction investigations.

  1. Chargeback protection. For orders that Signifyd approves all chargeback liability is assumed by Signifyd, and you will be reimbursed for any fraudulent order, shipping, or chargeback fees.
  2. Ship more with confidence. Signifyd gets paid based on the value of the orders approved, so your success is their success. Signifyd has industry leading approval rates, which means fewer declined orders.
  3. Order automation. With automatic approvals and declines of orders combined with Drupal Commerce's powerful order workflows, you can customize and automate the fulfillment process without any manual involvement.
  4. Gain insights via the Signifyd Dashboard. Track approvals and examine orders to gain insights into your customers or decline reasons.

Signifyd integration features

Our robust integration lets you take full advantage of Signifyd's offerings. Integration features include:

  1. Flexible case submission rules. Choose whether or not to send orders to Signifyd based on the order type, payment gateway, or user roles.
  2. Automation of order workflows. Choose which transitions should be applied to orders in Drupal based on the response from Signifyd.
  3. Push updates from Drupal to Signifyd. Automatically push shipping information to Signifyd, and manually push order and customer detail updates if details change after order placement.
  4. Surface key details from Signifyd in Drupal. Drupal logs Signifyd submissions, decisions, case IDs, and scores. See key data in the logs and on order pages with contextual links for quickly opening cases in the Signifyd Dashboard.
  5. Support for multiple workflows. Signifyd provides several different workflows depending on your needs. This integration allows you to choose which one you will use to approve or reject orders.
  6. Single or multi-team support: Out of the box get up and running within minutes by configuring a default team in Drupal. Take advantage of multi-team support with minimal customization to send orders to different Signifyd teams based on custom criteria.

Try it out with a free trial

Signifyd offers a 14-day free trial so you can see the benefits of the platform for yourself. As a certified partner, we can help you evaluate the platform, connect you to Signifyd staff, or help you get started with paid consulting or training.