Elastic Enterprise Search

The standard for feature rich enterprise level search.

Elastic Enterprise Search provides enterprise user search experiences, analytics, and management features in an easy to deploy package. Choose to self-host or let Elastic do the heavy lifting with their easy-to-use cloud search platform. With out of box search tuning that already smartly handles many general search tuning tasks such as stop words, stemming, typo tolerances, phrase matching and more, you can be up and running within hours, not days or weeks.

With a full-featured admin suite you can take full control of your search results with relevancy tuning, synonym management, curations, and more through one easy to use UI. Gain insights into your search performance with built in reports and slice and dice your data in Kibana to build powerful dashboards and custom reports. 

Elastic Enterprise Search features

One modern UI lets you handle your content ingestion, tune your search results, monitor search performance, and build powerful custom reports. Even more, you can now optimize search with the power of AI and machine learning to build personalized search experiences.

With Elastic Enterprise Search, business users can:

  • Manage search results without the need for development - No more juggling of files and uploading synonym dictionaries to a folder on a server. Manage your relevancy and precision tuning rules, synonym dictionaries, and even hand curate results through one easy to learn management console.
  • Test results in real-time - Check how your changes impact the search results in real-time with Elastic's built in query tester.
  • Run marketing campaigns - Curate results for specific searches and pin your promoted products to the top of the result set or even cross promote products that wouldn't normally show up for a specific search query.
  • Promote top selling products automatically - Include sales data in your feed and boost your top sellers based on their sales volume.
  • Analyze search performance using pre-built reports - Quickly see your top keywords, keywords with no results, searches with the most clicks, and searches with no clicks. Extend reporting by tagging search results and sending events back to Elastic.

Drupal Commerce connector features

Centarro's Elastic Enterprise Search module integrates your Drupal site with Elastic Enterprise Search. With deep integration into native Drupal functionality, like Views and the Search API modules, you can enjoy the benefits of Elastic's powerful feature set while continuing to build your site with the familiar and powerful Drupal modules you are accustomed to.

Features include:

  • Integrates using familiar Drupal features - Continue building sites the Drupal way and make use of Views and Search API to display search results powered by Elastic Enterprise Search.
  • Create multiple indexes - Segment your data into multiple search indexes and specify which app search endpoint should be used for serving results.
  • Configure which content and fields should be indexed - Using the familiar Search API configuration UI you can choose which content should be indexed by Elastic Search.
  • See changes in results in next to real time - Since results come from the Elastic App Search endpoint any changes you make in Elastic Search to influence the results are reflected in Drupal almost immediately. No need to re-index the content to see changes. 
  • Search across indexes with Meta Engines - Select a Meta Engine to query against and return results from across index sources.

Ready to try it out?

You can choose to self-host Elastic Enterprise Search (refer to the module page for the correct API version) or take advantage of the free trial on Elastic Cloud

Alternately, contact Centarro for guided support. As a certified partner, we can help you evaluate the platform, connect you to Elastic staff, or help you get started with paid consulting or training. We'd love to partner with you and help you figure out what the best solution would be for your unique business case.