Boost revenue with a global payments partner.

Braintree is one of the biggest names in payment processing. With seamless integration to PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and robust fraud protection rules, card vaulting, and advance reporting capabilities, Braintree provides the tools needed for small shops and enterprise clients alike. 3DS enabled, Braintree lets you accept credit cards and process transactions worldwide. Braintree is available to merchants domiciled in over 45 different countries and lets you accept and get paid in over 130 different currencies across the globe.

A partner for your business

Braintree has sales and service teams for every market they serve. Their teams understand the local market challenges and are there to guide you from platform investigation to post launch support.

Platform features:

  • Scales as you grow - Braintree scales as you grow. With an expansive feature set designed for small shops up through enterprise, international businesses Braintree has the tools you need to scale and automate your business.
  • Accept next generation payment methods - Gone are the days of just accepting credit cards in checkout. Customers expect easy, one touch payment solutions. Accept PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more with context aware payment buttons.
  • 3DS2 enabled - Braintree is fully 3DS Secure 2 compatible, ensuring you can accept secure payments wherever 3DS is required.
  • Fraud protection suite - Prevent fraud with enterprise level fraud protection tools. Use automated rules to accept or reject transactions. Gain insights into your customers, reduce chargebacks, and create a user-friendly checkout experience all through the same web portal.
  • Business oriented dashboards and reporting - Gone are ugly interfaces and cumbersome reporting tools that make it hard to analyze the health of your business. With Braintree business metrics are front and center making it easy to monitor company health and dig into payment and user data.
  • Build what you need - APIs are at the heart of the Braintree ecosystem. If you need advanced reporting or capabilities not present in the dashboard or 3rd party integrations, you can build what you need utilizing intuitive APIs with robust developer documentation.

Braintree integration features

Commerce Braintree lets you start accepting payments using your Braintree account within minutes. The integration uses Braintree's Hosted Fields solution to enable payment collection via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.

Integration features:

  • Multi-currency ready - Indicate the merchant account ID for each currency on the configuration form to accept payments in over 130 currencies.
  • Customer friendly payment methods - Let your customers use their stored payment methods in Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Venmo accounts while also securely accepting credit card data in one unified checkout experience. 
  • Flexible configuration options - Choose whether to offer payments through the Braintree gateway based on customer, order, product, or shipping conditions.
  • Protect payments with 3DS Secure 2 compatibility - Choose whether to enable or require 3DS for transactions to take advantage of the extra security it provides. As many European banks require 3DS, our integration expands your ability to accept payments outside the US market.

See it in our demo store

Checkout our demo store which uses the Braintree sandbox to process transactions. Need help figuring out if Braintree is right for you? Get in touch with Centarro, the team behind Drupal Commerce. We would love to partner with you and help you figure out what the best solution would be for your unique business case.