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Drupal Commerce

Commerce with confidence on Drupal.

Professional support and tools starting at $99 / month.

Centarro Support + Toolbox

Guaranteed answers to your Drupal Commerce questions from the team that built it. Each site gets free access to Centarro Toolbox, our set of time-saving tools that enhance any store. Priced affordably at just $99 / month.


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Priority Support

Need more timely help? Add private ticket-based support to your plan to get your questions answered first. We offer multiple upgrades for teams that maintain multiple sites or need more comprehensive SLAs.


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What’s inside Centarro Toolbox?

Rocket and bird

Update Assistant applies module updates and security releases to your codebase as soon as they come out.Quality Monitor scans your code in development to detect problems before you deploy to production.Centarro Insights embeds our sales and analytics dashboard right into the back end of your store.

Currently included partner offers:

  • Form spam prevention from Human Presence
  • Secure API key management from Lockr
  • 60 day free trial of AvaTax from Avalara

Centarro Toolbox is included for free in Centarro Support.


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We live for collaboration.

Developing open source software as part of a global community has been our approach since day one. Today, over 1,000 users support one another in our community Slack channel and other Drupal support channels.

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