Launching Centarro Support at DrupalCon Amsterdam


We shared our thoughts about eliminating barriers to Drupal Commerce growth earlier this year in response to a blog series by Drupal project lead Dries Buytaert. We laid out a roadmap that included closing the feature gap with our competitors and finding ways to better reach and support end users of our software. We've addressed the feature gap through numerous module releases since then, and we're launching the next phase, Centarro Support for Drupal Commerce developers and teams, here at DrupalCon Amsterdam.

It's not unusual for Drupal Commerce stores to need support. If it were easy to build and scale eCommerce sites, everyone would be doing it! Instead, many Drupal agencies and freelancers avoid eCommerce projects for fear that the scope will be difficult to manage or features will take too long to deliver. They aren't sure Drupal Commerce will be up to the challenge or that they'll find help when they need it. We don't think any Drupal developer should pass up a Drupal Commerce opportunity or choose a different technology for lack of knowledge or expertise.

Additionally, agencies often contact us only after something has gone wrong, reinforcing in their minds the idea that Drupal Commerce is not up to whatever challenge hindered their success. This is really unfortunate, because our team has almost certainly seen these challenges before and could have helped prevent them if given the chance. We don't think any agency should lose a customer or take a loss on a Drupal Commerce project for lack of access to best practices or critical advice in any stage of a project.

Centarro Support connects developers directly to our core team to take advantage of our knowledge and best practices to improve their Drupal Commerce projects. We deliver support through well known industry tools that ensure we can provide an answer to each question that not only addresses the developer's immediate need but also builds a knowledge base of answers that can be easily tagged, indexed, and searched by future customers. Launch customers used Centarro Support to find answers to questions related to API utilization, data migration from Ubercart and Magento, and to multi-currency / multi-site implementations.

As usual, we'll be exhibiting at DrupalCon to connect with end users and chat through whatever challenges you're facing. We've architected new features and solved scalability issues right there at the booth through the years and love connecting with the people who are building businesses on our software.

This year, we'll also be present to demo Centarro Support and invite folks into a new pattern of paid support that lets us provide you faster, guaranteed answers to questions while also giving us the resources we need to deliver new features and ensure the long term viability of the project. If you're using Drupal Commerce in any capacity, we'd love to see you there!

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