Commerce Paypal release adds Credit Messaging integration

Celebrating a new release

Have you noticed when you’re happily browsing your favorite online store that you can choose to spread payments over several monthly installments with PayPal? This is a feature of PayPal Credit, a revolving line of credit that gives customers the flexibility to buy now and pay over time.

PayPal Credit has been around for some time, but Credit Messaging is now available for merchants in the United States who wish to promote the availability of special financing offers throughout the entire shopping experience.

Commerce PayPal 8.x-1.0-beta11 now features the basics you need to integrate Credit Messaging into your store. There is eligibility involved, so please check you’re able to use this service.

What does it look like?

We have created a Drupal block you can use anywhere to display the Credit Messaging. It is also fully customizable; you can choose to have Lightweight Text Based Messages, or Flexible Display Banners:

You can also enable Credit Messaging on your Add to Cart forms. This will use the product price to promote spreading the cost over 4 months:

Lastly, we have added a Views area handler so you can add Credit Messaging to your Shopping Cart and Checkout forms.

In either place, this will use the order total amount to promote spreading the cost over 4 months:

What's next?

Now we have the basic integration, we can further improve on its features. One drawback we noticed is that there is a conflict with Credit Messaging and Smart Payment Buttons on the Shopping Cart form. We have patches pending to improve the module, using a "service" class to initialize the PayPal SDK, similar the existing Checkout SDK, to make our lives a little easier. 🙂

Join us in the issue queue to follow along or join us in making it even more useful.

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